Readymade Final Year PHP Project in Lucknow
Readymade Final Year ASP.NET Project in Lucknow

Online Loan Management System

Online Loan Management System




Rs. 4000/=

It’s a system about small group
Every group has a group leader and a group leader must have a unique identification number which associate him/her with his/her group.
The groups are categorized in four categories as follows
1)Group of men only
2)Group of women only
3)Group of both men and women
4)Group of youth only
The system should be able to say this group has a total of 50 members where by 26 are men and 24 are women this should apply to group of both men and women and groups of youth but for group of men only it should just display total saying total member of group is let say 29 the same to group of women only.
Also the group should have initial capital, it can be money or it can be plantation or it can be livestock like hen or cow or goat
Also the system should display registration date of the group and date the group was established.
Also the system should display the total numbers of members registered in the system
Also the system should display total number of women member in system and total number of men member in the system.

Delivery of This Project

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