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Online Car Rental System

Online Car Rental System




Rs. 4000/=

The main objective of the application car Rental System require a temporary vehicle, for example those who do not own their own car, or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation or travelers who are out of town.

System Actors(Users):

  • Admin
  • Registered Users
  • Guest Users

Admin Features

  • Admin Login
  • Admin can Add New vehicle brand Details
  • Admin can Manage Vehicle Brand Details(Edit ,Delete)
  • Admin can Add New Vehicle Details
  • Admin Can Manage vehicle Details(Edit,Delete)
  • Admin can Manage Booking details(Admin can confirm and Cancel Booking)
  • Admin Can Manage Testimonial Details (Active and Inactive)
  • Admin Can Manage Contact us Query
  • Admin Can Check All registered users details
  • admin can update other page content Like about us details, term and Condition Page etc
  • Admin can update the contact details dynamically
  • Admin Can Manage Subscribers
  • Admin Can Change Password
  • Admin Dashboard has(Count all users, Count total booking, Count total subscribers, Count total queries etc)

User Features

  • New User can Register through Registration page
  • Registered User can login with valid email and password
  • User Can Recover Forget password after Providing Some Correct Information
  • User can find car details and Booked car
  • User can View Car booking history
  • User Can Check Booking Status(admin can approve or disapprove)
  • User can Update their Profile
  • User Can Update their Password
  • User Can Add New Testimonials
  • Logout

Delivery of This Project

Student can directly come to our place and take the project hand to hand. We can send the project with CD to student place. Working demo will be shown to the student. Call at: +91-9452905416, +91-9389497345 (Lucknow)