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Employee Leave Management System

Employee Leave Management System




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The objective of Leave System is to automate Leave management. With the help of this system users can apply leave online, supervisors can approve or escalate to higher levels, and HR can update leave status online. The users can see the status of all Leave Transactions and their Leave Balances from this system. Admin can manage all Leave Transactions with the help of this system. The work flow is designed in such a way the Leave System generates email messages as alerts to respective users, supervisors and to HR to enable them to act upon. The primary objective of the proposed Leave Management System is to ensure the administration of standard leave policies, centralize the collection and maintenance of leave records, and automate as much of the process as possible. This system allows creating, monitoring, and routing of the leave applications from the applicants to the acting supervisors in the department and to the administrator of the Human Resources Department. The Leave Management System enables employees with capabilities to submit leave requests online, check their leave-time balances and view the status of the leave requests via the World Wide Web (Web), relieving the Human Resources Department from time-consuming inquiries. The automated leave management ensures that employees accrue the right amount of "leave" that they are entitled to receive, and provides a quick and efficient validation method that saves precious time and eliminates a cumbersome paper process. Also, enabling the supervisor to approve online requests saves management time. The Leave Management System calculates and maintains balances of each employee's vacation, sick and other benefit time. It gives Human Resource administrators the ability to review, edit, and approve employee time and leave from any location by using a standard Web browser. Thus, the Leave Management System simplifies the leave process, makes it more maintainable, gives better, clearer and more frequent information to end users, standardizes the processing of different types of leaves, and lowers the amount of data entry and verification activities

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